BERNINA 910 - 931 Capacitor Repair Kit - 220V
  • BERNINA 910 - 931 Capacitor Repair Kit - 220V

BERNINA 910 - 931 Capacitor Repair Kit - 220V


Capacitor Repair Kit for BERNINA 910, 930 & 931 - L910 & L930 220V PCB

1x 0.1µF X Capacitor
1x 0.01µF Y Capacitor
1x 0.47µF 100V Electrolytic Capacitor
1x 2.2µF 450V Electrolytic Capacitor
1x 470µF 50V Electrolytic Capacitor



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PCB placement BERNINA 910 - 220V:

0.1µF X - C40
2.2µF 450V - C42
470µF 50V - C45
0.47µF 100V - C51
0.01µF Y - C55


PCB placement BERNINA 930 & 931 - 220V:

470µF 50V - C1
2.2µF 450V - C3
0.47µF 100V - C4
0.1µF X - C10
0.01µF Y - C13


Information about capacitors included in the repair kits.
Note that the color and size may vary from the product images. The voltage can also vary depending on the component in your machine, but the number of volts the new component can handle will then be higher. In some cases, the manufacturer has changed the value of some components. You will receive components with values they have changed to, so this will work without problems even if the value is slightly different.

Inst-Caps 1

These are not electrolytic capacitors and can be mounted both ways.

Inst-Caps 2

On standing electrolytic capacitors, the leg that is minus is shown with a strip of minus sign. This leg is also shorter in length.

Inst-Caps 3

On horizontal electrolytic capacitors, arrows show the direction of the leg which is minus. This side is also only metal, while the positive side is insulated with rubber.

You find electronic schematics for BERNINA 910 and 930 here: