3D Print in more than one color

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If you do not have 3D Printed with multiple colors, you should try it. It's not as difficult as you might think.

It's always exciting to try something new. When it's easy and the result is good, it's really fun! When I made buttons for the BERNINA machines, I think it was a bit silly to have to use a permanent marker to get the markings out, so I started looking for other options. Multicolor printing was the logical solution and with a little change of the file in the 3D designer program Fusion 360, and testing in the slicer program PrusaSlicer, I was very pleased with the result. I ended up making the .stl file so that the top 0.5mm was the lines and marks on the button. By changing the color of the top two layers, usually 2x 0.2mm, the marking comes out well. All the buttons (or other parts) I have marked with "Multicolor Ready" can be printed like this.

Check out the video that Prusa explains how you can do it in PrusaSlicer.


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